The Golf in Mind Program

Do you want to find the keys to unlocking the potential golfer inside you? Do you feel bound up, have trouble getting out of your own way, and want to figure out how you can release your game, knowing that if you only could you would enjoy it so much more? Are you tired of wishing you were a better golfer and want to finally learn how to develop a roadmap towards reaching your goals?... If you answered yes to any of these three questions you’ve come to the right place. For everyone, there comes a point where we plateau or our rate of improvement declines. We get stuck and begin to look around at others who seem to possess the keys to continual improvement. For them, it seems, the game comes easily and they play in a sort of state of blissful ignorance that reminds us of how we used to or want to play. They appear mentally tougher than we are, relatively unaffected by nerves, poor shots, or bad results during their rounds. We resign ourselves to the fact that they were born different, and settle into a state of slightly uncomfortable acceptance about it. But is it really the case?

The reality is, the best players, the ones for whom the game seems to come easy, don’t actually always feel that way and weren’t necessarily born that way. They experience the same types of thoughts and feelings as the rest of us, but they don’t struggle with them as much because they have learned methods or developed habits that help them deal with them much more effectively than the majority of golfers. This is where Golf in Mind comes in. Golf in Mind will teach you many of the essential mental game habits employed by the best players in the world. The golf swing is important, but the truth is that players have played and won at the highest levels of competition with more fundamentally different golf swings than it would be possible to account for. Tiger Woods alone has won Major Championships with 3 different swings and is currently working on a fourth! Players that succeed at those levels do, however, have similar things in common. Upon closer inspection, though, you find that these things are often habits related to the mental side of the game that they employ rather than the precise mechanics of their golf swings. Golf in Mind has isolated the most common similarities amongst them and will teach you methods for incorporating them into your game and making them habits. These are habits that will not only help competitive players get to the next level, but can help players of every level learn why they have been stuck where they are and what they need to focus on next to get back on the road to improvement. These 4 habits are…

ADVANCED GOAL SETTING: Learning to establish relevant benchmarks and a process of continual evaluation and re-set to get you where you want to go.
DISCIPLINE-IN-ACTION: Learn a process to manage the Pre-Shot, In-Shot, and Post Shot as well as the much longer in-between shot period.
PRECISION PRACTICE: Learning how and how much the best players in the world practice and how to develop a customized practice schedule based on analytics and on-course assessments.
ENHANCED VISUALIZATION: Learning the visualization processes of the best players in the world and how to develop and master this essential skill that has been employed by every player from Ben Hogan to Jack Nicklaus to Tiger Woods.

What you receive: Each player enrolling in the Golf in Mind Program will receive five 1-Hour sessions to get you started on your way to developing these 4 mental game habits. On the first session you will discuss your personal goals in the game, any individual road blocks you have been experiencing, and take a mental game of golf self-assessment test to establish specific areas of weakness that need to be focused on. The second session will be a video golf swing analysis as well as an on-course analysis to help establish a customized practice schedule that will target the areas of improvement most needed in your physical game. In the third session we will work on a process to manage the period of time in which you are in the action by developing a tour proven pre-shot, in-shot, and post-shot routine that incorporates specific elements designed to produce success. In the fourth session cover visualization and learn the process by which the best players use visualization to improve all areas of their games. During this session will film your own personal Enhanced Visualization Video in which you will be the star and you will be instructed on how to use it both in practice and preparation for competition. And at your final session, we will come full circle to your re-connect with your goals and an advanced goal-setting process that we will personalize to your situation, giving you a roadmap to achievement.

Cost: Adults $395 - Juniors $295